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CONNECX is a connection to a multitude of connections.
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We believe that Only by Unity can something New be Created.

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Connecx Talented Entrepreneurs (CTE's)

As a diversified company at the forefront of design technological innovation and multimedia entertainment, Connecx offers many exciting opportunities for individuals that don't have a business of there own, to grow with us.

Our easiest to get started, earning while you learn opportunity. In less than an hour you can start earning by gathering information for our Marketing Representatives to qualify and prepare clients to get started.
Individuals who Market/Promote Connecx via Digital or Physical promotions will meet with clients in order to confirm information needed for their order request. MRs are also required to participate in a minimum of 25% of all Events hosted by CM per year.
Our Account Executives manage client accounts for continued support, which entails following up with clients to maintain professional relationships. In support of the marketing department, our executives are required to attend a minimum of 75% of all Events and sales meetings hosted by CM per year, generate reports, plus create and submit other business operational documents.


B2B Marketing Partnerships

Our B2B Partners have the ability to resale (blind label) services and products to their clientele, seemlessly using Connecx Multimedia, LLC as preferred vendor for quality, custom design, and multimedia content development with infinite possibilities.

Our Marketing Partnerships offer a passive income flow and powerful set of resources that empower the marketing efforts of both partners simultaneously.


Entertainment Marketing

Market and Advertise your story, brand or product within a variety of our entertainment content. Our content is published via various media's such as: Digital, Printed, Audio, and Video.

We've all heard "be at the right place at the right time" well this is a time unlike any other. We have the opportunity to market your story, brand, or product in multiple media's and publish to the masses, thanks to the advancements of technology. Entertainment crafted with you or your brand in mind.


We welcome your contribution to help us grow.

Connecx MultiMedia is growing and is creating content for various forms of Entertainment. We are excited to be in position to offer some great opportunities for investors in the industry to grow with us. Take a look at our current project teaser.

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Here are a few of our current campaigns to show your support in creating great entertainment.

Investment Benefits
at a Glance

We welcome your investment in our entertainment content. We offer a powerful amount of long term exposure and resources to empower our investment partners in exchange for your support. Investor will be published in various media content created during the life of investment partner agreement. Below are the Main Four Media Types we can publish your message, story, brand, or product in.

Digital Publishing

includes Online and Mobile Marketing using various sites and social media platforms.

Printed Publishing

includes Books, Articles, Flyers, Posters, Tshirts, and any printed promotional products

Audio Publishing

includes Audiobooks, Audio Music CDs, and Audio Clips

Video Publishing

includes Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, and Filmed Footage

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